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Let Your Light Shine

Happy New Year

Please see my new Song "Let It Shine"
It represents a new season. God shining His light through us. There is time, time to trust, time to renew, time to change. God has this time.

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I will Praise Only You

I was in a season of frustration. There are too many rules to follow and too many opinions from people and it just made me angry. I was angry with myself and angry with the world. Spending time with God he lead me into worship. With that time he showed me that all those things I am frustrated with are just at the surface and they don't matter. All that God wants is my heart. He wants me to fix my eyes in things that are deeper and real. So I worshiped I focused and Praised only Him. It was during that time that I wrote this song and it didn't take me long to finalize it.

There was even a time where I was going for an ATV ride and the whole time I was thinking of this song and the Bridge came to me through that time of reflection. God is so good and I will Praise Only You.

I Will Praise only you-F
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