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Let Your Light Shine

Happy New Year

Please see my new Song "Let It Shine"
It represents a new season. God shining His light through us. There is time, time to trust, time to renew, time to change. God has this time.

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Hear My Battle Cry

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

This song was given to me in the middle of the night. I woke up to "Here my Battle cry" over and over in my head. I then recorded the melody and it was done so quickly. I love when God gives me inspiration when I least expect it.

I was contemplating in my mind over and over that "Battle cry" means we are going to war. And I know that we are living in the victory so why does God want me to sing about going to battle. After many discussions God revealed that this is a victory chant. As battles are won there is a cheer of victory, a battle cry of victory. This song is about hope and confirmation that Jesus has won the battle for us and we are living in His victory.

Here you will find the Chord sheet to the song for your enjoyment.

Hear my battle cry
Download PAGES • 178KB

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i like the song🥀

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